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New Hope Assistance Dogs, Inc. of Warren, Pa. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that operates on donations, grants, memorials, and business sponsorships. Monetary donations are tax deductible by the extent allowed by the law and always appreciated.

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After you and your Companion or Service Dog have graduated, there are still a few things we need to do. We need to ensure that you and your Companion or Service Dog are working well together, and that there aren't any concerns once you started working your Assistance Dog in your home area. 

* Weekly follow-up by phone with the training team for the first month. This will decrease to monthly for the next 3 months.

*During the first year after graduation, each team is expected to continue training with an approved trainer. This trainer will perform evaluation of your progress. For those clients who are not within a reasonable driving distance of our facility, we are able to train using video chat such as Skype. 

*At the team's one year anniversary of their graduation date, the client will need to complete a self-evaluation and include copies of vet records for their Assistance Dog.

*For those with Service Dogs who have Public Access, you will need to have your Service Dog re-certified for the PAT test each year for the first two years after graduation by the anniversary date. After the first 3 years of placement the PAT certification will then be required every 5 (five) years. For those who live outside of a 200 mile radius of New Hope, this test can be done by video. This certification must be retained by New Hope for the working life of the Service Dog.

*You will be responsible for making sure your Assistance Dog is fed at the proper times and maintains a healthy weight. Also required to be kept up to date are standard shots, including rabies, prevention of fleas, ticks, and heartworm, along with any other care recommended by your vet.​

​​What Can You Expect When You Come to Team Training

​​​​​​This section will give you an idea of what you can expect when coming to our facility for team training. If at anytime you have a question or concern through the application, training, or follow-up process, please feel free to contact us so we can help assist you. Also please see our Questions Page  for more answers to common questions.

Team Training:

Once your Service Dog is ready for you, we will have you come to our facility to obtain the training needed for you to work with your service dog. It is called Team Training because you and your Assistance Dog are now a team, working together to assist in your daily living. This training period is different for each recipient and their new 4-pawed Companion or Service Dog. Time for Team Training ranges from approximately 4 (four) to 10 (ten) days. You should expect to work with our trainers for approximately 3 (three) to 5 (five) hours per day while at our facility. This training time will include training, lectures, and hands on learning. These times vary due to the recipients disabilities and the extent of the training that has been taught to the dog. For example, some individuals physical and mental limitations only allow them to work in short sessions, or they may tire easily, therefor more breaks may be needed throughout the day. Also, for dogs who have been taught more or extensive commands will require more time to be spent with the recipient to learn how to use these commands correctly. We will also administer the PAT - Public Access Test if required during this Team Training. Parts of this Team Training will also be held in a variety of places such as restaurants, stores, malls and other locations that we have selected, based on the client's needs. When possible we will include client/s who are training with similar trained Assistance Dogs. Team Training is limited to a maximum of 5 (five) teams at an given time. Clients are encouraged to practice and apply what they have learned in their daily training sessions during their Team Training period, in their off time outside of training.


 Please see our Questions Page for more extensive answers to some of the most common asked questions, including travel & lodging expenses. 

Out of pocket expenses, during your Team Training may include the following depending on your needs and the distance you will be traveling to our facility.

*Gas, car rental, airline tickets, etc., to and from the facility, hotel and any training related outings.

*Use the links below for hotels that we have a business rate with and recommend. There are a few other motels in the Warren area.

*Prices vary depending on if you go to fast food or sit down style restaurants. We do offer a onsite semi-equipped kitchen where you can prepare your own meals. There is also a microwave, fridge and oven.

~~Personal Aide~~
*This is arranged for and provided by you, along with all travel expenses for this person.

Out of pocket expenses vary depending on where the client is traveling from and what arrangements they have made based on their own individual needs. Therefor not everything in the table above will apply to all recipients. Those in our local area or within a manageable traveling distance, may not need to stay at a hotel for example. They would still be required to arrange for their own transportation to and from our facility and outings.

You will need to arrange for transportation to and from our facility, for not only the onsite training, but also for the outings that will occur as part of the training session.


​There is a Hampton Inn& Holiday Innwithin a 15 minute drive of our facility. Both offer a business rate to our clients based on availability. They may also offer a lower seasonal, AAA, or AARP rate if applicable to you. These are the two hotels that we recommend but there are a few motels in the local Warren area also. Occasionally we have sleeping quarters, a single room for one adult traveling by themselves only, bathroom and kitchen facilities are located on the same floor, shower facilities are on the lower level (accessible by steps only). Please contact us directly to inquire about availability for onsite sleeping arrangements.


New Hope does not provide food or meals during the training session. We do offer an accessible kitchen facility where clients can prepare their own meals using food they bring with them or purchase at a nearby grocery store. The equipped kitchen does offer pots, pans, plates, silverware, oven, microwave and fridge. There are a variety of sit down and fast food restaurants within a 15 minute drive if you prefer to eat out.

Travel Expense:

We do not assist with travel expenses, this is something you will be responsible for. If you visit Mapquest you can view a map of our location, and also get driving directions to our location. This also includes the number of miles from your location to our facility, which will help you decide the best way to travel. We do have a local PA Welcome Center located just 1 miles from our facility if you would like information on things to do locally.

Personal Aide:

We do not provide personal aides for our clients, so this is something that you would need to provide on your own along with any associated costs of your aide to travel with you.

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