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It is so easy to write this testimonial, especially because Stanley has made such a huge impact on me and my recovery!

I first met Stanley around his third birthday, him having completed two and a half years of training with New Hope Assistance Dogs out of Warren, PA.  Stanley I think naturally has a buoyant and charming personality, but the training from New Hope really made him what he is: a great service dog.  Everywhere I go, people are in awe of Stanley's looks, his behavior, his demeanor, and his service and loyalty to me.  Stanley won't leave my side and he lives to please me, his owner.  Last night, for example, I had a combat related nightmare (I was deployed to Iraq with the Army in '06 - '07 and have been diagnosed with clinical PTSD) and I turned to Stanley to help ease me out of my subsequent panic attack.  I laid on the floor next to Stanley and he proceeded to "comfort me" - licking my hands and face profusely, then leaning his 85 lb body on me and laying his head on my shoulder.  My panic attack ended and I forgot about my nightmare and fell asleep.  It didn't surprise me at all.  Since I first got Stanley a month ago, I have gone from 2-3 severe panic attacks per day (caused by stress or loud noises) - to about one every 2 weeks.  I can't necessarily explain the science behind it, or specify why Stanley has helped me so much - all I can say is that before I got Stanley from New Hope, I wasn't even considering going back to work.  3 days after getting him, I called my wife and said - for the first time in months, I'm completely confident that I will be going back to work and soon.  Now I'm working, going out to restaurants and enjoying loud, crowded social events with Stanley and not having panic attacks.  It was interesting to observe the effect that Stanley has had on me.  Over this past weekend, I took my family out Ice Skating and then to see the model trains - because I didn't have a place for Stanley to be with me while ice skating, I left him at home.  After ice skating when we went to the model trains, we were packed into the historic (small and cramped) train station looking at the model trains with the kids and the door slammed.  I had my first loud noise related panic attack since I first got Stanley a month ago!  I immediately told my wife we needed to go home and check on Stanley - but it was really because I missed him and his calming influence on me.  Stanley has barely left my side since he's been with me and I haven't had a panic attack from loud noise.  The only event I've been to without him has one loud noise and I have a panic attack (shaking and dissociating) right there in the train station.  I really attribute the reduction in symptoms to Stanley's calming influence on me.  Thank you New Hope - you and Stanley have given me New Hope!


Ryan and PTSD Service Dog - Stanley

   Rylan and Service Dog - Klohe


       It has been almost 2 years since Khloe has joined our family. We feel so blessed to have been chosen to receive a fully funded service dog from United Fund of Warren County for our special needs daughter, Rylan. Rylan was diagnosed with Dup15q Syndrome. A rare genetic disorder that can cause intellectual disability, Autism and Epilepsy among other things.
      When we first applied for a service dog, we were hoping for a seizure response dog. As well as having a service dog sleeping in our daughters bed as she struggled to sleep alone due to her Sensory Processing Disorder.
      We didn't realize a service dog could offer our daughter so much more. From helping keep Rylan safe in public to calming her during meltdowns.
      Last year Khloe traveled across the US in an RV with us to attend the Dup15q Alliance Family Conference in Los Angeles California. We made many stops along the way to see the sights. Each time we hooked Khloe and Rylan together to keep Rylan from running off, as she likes to do. She doesn't quite understand boundaries or safety.
      In the past 2 years, we have watched their bond grow. As Rylan becomes more verbal she will now give Khloe some basic commands. I expect this to continue as Rylan's vocabulary grows. With Autism, children can struggle socially. While Rylan is social, her attention span can be limited. She often uses Khloe as a peer, playing tea parties with her. This has transitioned to her classroom peers.
      With Rylan having an 80% of having seizures in her life, it is comforting to know Khloe is bonding with Rylan now and will be able to alert us of seizures. I suspect as Rylan ages she will utilize Khloe even more in daily living needs.
      We are truly thankful for New Hope Assistance Dogs, Khloe and her dedicated trainers and the United Fund of Warren County. Without your support we would not have been able to provide Rylan with a service dog.  
The Kings