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New Hope Assistance Dogs, Inc. of Warren, Pa. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that operates on donations, grants, memorials, and business sponsorships. Monetary donations are tax deductible by the extent allowed by the law and always appreciated.


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New Hope Assistance Dogs, Inc. is a charitable organization dedicated to enable dogs to enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities and to educate the general public.




We recognize that teams comprised of multiple individuals working together to achieve the goal of training custom Assistance Dogs are most successful. Our teams are made up of Certified Trainers, Service Dog Technicians, Junior Trainers, Puppy Raisers, and Volunteer's that are registered with us to help in the training process. Volunteer trainers go through basic obedience training to better assist our trainers. We believe that any individual can make a positive impact in an Assistance Dogs training, both in and out of our facility. Outside of our facility we have other teams that help in the training of our dogs. Each of our dogs attend a prison program where they are placed with an individual who works one on one with them to further their training. This is both beneficial to the dog and the recipient. When we all work together with teamwork, the end result is a Assistance Dog that is above and beyond most peoples expectations. 


Our Goal is to provide the recipient with an Assistance Dog. Comprised of the high standards that will provide the recipient with more freedom and greater independence in life. To provide stability for those suffering from balance issues, and to provide both children & adults with Assistance Dogs to help in both mental and physical disabilities.


We believe that educating the general public is a great benefit to the entire Assistance Dog community. We educate youths both in and out of schools, they are shown how Assistance Dogs are valuable to those recipients that are in need of a dog. They are also taught how valuable and rewarding a career as a Assistance Dog trainer can be. We show them how they can be an asset to our organization as a junior assistant trainer. While perusing our website, you will see junior trainers in action.


 Because life should be cherished and treasured. Our quest is to inspire individuals with the help of their Assistance Dog to lead a more productive and independent life. To most, this is something that empowers them with self worth and the ability to lead a happier more productive life.